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The topic of the  2018 UCL-Japan Youth Challenge is "Our Life in Aging Society - How young generation contributes to various problems associated with aging" and students from a range of backgrounds will discuss this from medical, social and technical points of view. The detailed information can be found in the latest brochure below.


Rikkyo School in England

Arrival of Japanese students (Japanese students only)

Day 0

27th July

Day 1

28th July

Rikkyo School in England

Arrival of British students

Opening of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge

Opening talk


Icebreaking Session

Sports session


Day 2

29th July

University of Cambridge

Morning: Move from Rikkyo to Cambridge.

Afternoon: Sightseeing in Cambridge.

Evening: Meet with Cambridge researchers and students

University of Cambridge

Morning: Lectures

Dr Fumiya Iida, Machine Learning (University of Cambridge)

More lectures to be decided

Visit Cambridge University Library

Afternoon: Lectures

Dr. Kiyoshi Nagai, FRS, Biochemistry (LMB, Cambridge)

Dr. Mark Ainslie, Superconductivity (University of Cambridge)

Dr. Casper Wits, Japanese study (University of Cambridge)

Dr. Ruchi Choudhary, Architectural Engineering (University of Cambridge)

Day 3

30th July


Move from Cambridge to UCL, London


A special event: 150 years anniversary of Meiji Restoration

Ms Lesley Downer (Novelist)

Prof. Andrew Cobbing, Japanese history (University of Nottingham)

Kagoshima Reception

Day 4

31th July


UCL Tour

Afternoon: Lectures

Dr Edward Wild, Neuroscience (UCL)

A special event: Grand Challenge Workshop, Our life in ageing society

Facilitator: Ms Amanda Scott

Speakers: Mr Jonathan Cribb, Economy (UCL/IFS)

​One more speaker to be decided

Day 5

1st Aug

Day 6

2nd Aug


Language Lesson (Japanese for British Students, English for Japanese)

Lecture for teachers: Prof. Rose Luckin, AI in education (IOE, UCL)

Afternoon: Lectures

Mr. Daniel Gradeci, ​Physics (UCL)

A special event: Japanese Artists in London

Artists:  Mr Kamari Maeda, Caligrapher 

    Ms Lisa Ueda, Violinist

    Mr Yoshinori Ishii, Chef

​    Mr Junichi Kajioka, Film Director & Actor

Day 7

3rd Aug


Language Lesson (Japanese for British Students, English for Japanese)

Lecture for teachers: Prof. Hugh Starkey (IOE, UCL)

Afternoon: Lectures

  ​Prof. Susan Evans, Vertebrate Morphology & Paleontology (UCL)

A Special event: UCL Grand Challenge Symposium

Speakers:    Prof. Gill Livingston (UCL)

           Dr. Evangelia Chrysikou (UCL)

  Prof. Ikeda (Osaka University)

  Prof. Sekitani (Osaka University)

  Dr. Shinichi Iwamoto (Koichi Tanaka Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratory, Shimadzu)

UCL Grand Challenge Reception

Day 8

4th Aug


London Education Tour

​Final  ceremony


Visit Windsor Castle (Japanese Students Only)

Day 9

5th Aug


Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator

email: hmiyahara@japanatuk.com

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