UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2019

Programme Detail

The topic of the  2019 UCL-Japan Youth Challenge is "Accessibility to All - Sports, AI, and Robotics" and students from a range of backgrounds will discuss this. The detailed information can be found in the daily schedule below and in the latest brochure.


Rikkyo School in England

Arrival of Japanese students (Japanese students only)

Welcome Orientation

Day 1

19th July

Day 2

20th July

Rikkyo School in England

・Arrival of British students

・Opening of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge

Opening talk by Prof. Shinichi Ohnuma


・Icebreaking Session:Sports activities & English Discussion Session

​・BBQ dinner

Day 3

21st July

University of Cambridge

・Morning: Move from Rikkyo to Cambridge

・Afternoon: Sightseeing in the city of Cambridge

Cambridge University Campus Tour



・Evening: Meet Cambridge researchers and students

 Speakers: Nanase Shirota

                     Wayo Matsushima

                     Chiaki Tsurudome

University of Cambridge


・Cambridge city tour

・Visiting King's College



13:30 - 14:30 Professor John Coates FRS "Japan - Arts, literature and Mathematics"

14:30 - 15:30 Dr Caroline Trotter "Using vaccines to promote Global Health"

15:30 - 16:00 Break

16:00 - 17:00 Dr Mark Ainslie "Applied Superconductivity in Electrical Engineering"

17:00 - 18:00 Dr Masashi Narita "Personal experience in power of words"

Day 4

22nd July



・Move from Cambridge to UCL, London


・Lecture and workshop by Mr Oliver Calmonson from UCL Academy

Title: How can we solve a global health issue?"

・Cinema viewing and discussion session with director Junichi Kajioka

Title: "Imphal 1944"

Day 5

23rd July



・UCL Bloomsbury Campus Tour



Dr Jenny Brookes, London Centre for Nanotechnology (UCL)

・Special event: Grand Challenge Workshop "Accessibility to All ~Sports, AI and Robotics~"

Facilitator: Ms Amanda Scott

MC: Dr Toru Kitagawa

Illustrator: Ms Terri Po

Day 6

24th July

Day 7

25th July



・Introductory session for UCL Undergraduate Preparatory (Foundation) Course

・Language Lessons (Japanese for British Students, English for Japanese)

・Lecture for teachers: 

Prof. Rose Luckin "AI in education" (IOE, UCL)


Prof. Marcos Vera Hernandez (Economics, UCL)


・Visit UCL East


Dr. Vijay Pawar (Robotics, UCL)

Dr. Takahiro Tsunoda (Oxford, AI and quantum computer)

・Visit UCL Robotics Institute

・Discussion among Japanese students:

Facilitator: Mr Kentaro Kimura

Day 8

26th July



・Language Lesson (Japanese for British Students, English for Japanese)

・Lecture for teachers: Prof. Paul Grainger (IOE, UCL)

・Introduction of UCL education system by Mr Martin White (CLIE, UCL)


・A Special event: UCL Grand Challenge Symposium

Title: “Accessibility for All: Sports, AI and Robotics”



         Part-1 Current situation of Nuclear Power plants in Fukushima

                  Mr Naomi Hirose (TEPCO, Former President)

         Part-2 Accessibility for All: Sports, AI and Robotics, supported by Fukushima Prefecture

                  Mr. Kazushi Takahashi (Fukushima Prefecture)

                  Dr. Noriko Cable, (UCL Faculty of Population Sciences)

                  Ms. Victoria Austin (UCL, Global Disability Innovation hub)

                  Mr Noel Thacher MBE

                  Mr Takayuki Suzuki (Paralympic medallist at Athens, Beijing, and London)

                  Dr. Catherine Holloway (UCL, Global Disability Innovation hub)


・UCL Grand Challenge Reception



Fukushima Prefecture

Embassy of Japan

Japan Foundation

3 High School students from Fukushima

・Talk: 「座談会 〜英国大学進学するための秘訣〜」


Mr Kentaro Kimura

Mr Kaito Imai

Mr Wataru Tage

Ms Moe Kishima

Ms Masako Shimato

Day 9

27th July


London Education Tour

​Final  ceremony


Visit Windsor Castle (Japanese Students Only)

Day 10

28th July

Reading List for Students

Some of the lecturers kindly provided brief readings for motivated students. The following materials may help make the most of the lectures provided by front-line researchers so students are encouraged to read them depending on their interests.

For Lectures on Day4:

"Looking Beyond the Decade of Vaccines" provided by Dr Caroline Trotter

"Superconductors" provided by Dr Mark Ainslie


Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator

email: hmiyahara@japanatuk.com

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