Edward Wild

Ed is Associate Director of the UCL Huntington’s Disease Centre, where he leads a research team focused on accelerating drug development through discovering new biomarkers for Huntington’s disease, and a consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. He leads an MRC-supported longitudinal biomarker study, HD-CSF, and is Global Chief Investigator of the HDClarity study of cerebrospinal fluid in Huntington’s disease. He led the development of the first measurement platform to quantify the mutant huntingtin protein in cerebrospinal fluid and the discovery of neurofilament light protein as the first blood biomarker to predict onset of Huntington’s. He is a senior investigator in the Ionis / Roche programme to lower the production of mutant huntingtin, the cause of Huntington’s disease and gave the first in human intrathecal dose of IONIS-HTTRx in 2015. He won the Huntington Society of Canada Community Leadership Award in 2012, the Huntington’s Disease Society of America Researcher of the Year Award in 2014 and Huntington Study Group Insight of the Year Awards in 2015 and 2017. Ed co-founded HDBuzz, the leading source of plain-language research news for the global HD Community.


Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator

email: hmiyahara@japanatuk.com

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