Japanese Artists in London

Are you interested in Japan and Japanese culture? Did you know there’re many Japanese artists in London? Are you curious to immerse yourself in dynamic and original cultural performances?

We will host a series of exciting Japanese cultural events on the 2nd of August.
This will be a unique occasion where different forms of art meet to celebrate the diversity and the success of Japanese talents. We will provide special oppotunities to see Shodo performanceby Kamari Maeda and also to see the award winning film "SUGIHARA SURVIVORS" by Junichi Kajioka.



Jeffery Hall (Part-1)
Logan Hall (Part-2 Ticket is available Here!)
IOE, 20 Bedford Way WC1H 0AL



Kamari Maeda - Caligrapher
Junichi Kajioka – Film Director and Actor
Lisa Ueda - Voilinist
Yoshinori Ishii – Chef at UMU Restaurant



Timetable: Part-1

13:30 – 14:00
Registration for Part-1

14:00 – 14:30
Shodo Japanese Caligraphy Live Performance by Mr. Kamari Maeda

Timetable: Part-2

(Part-2 Ticket is available Here!)

14:30 – 15:00
Registration for Part-2) / Tea Break

15:00 – 17:00
Panel Discussion

Kamari Maeda - Caligrapher
Junichi Kajioka - Film Director and Actor
Lisa Ueda - Voilinist
Yoshinori Ishii - Chef at UMU Restaurant
Hidekazu Kurebayashi - UCL

17:00 – 17:10
Break time

17:10 – 17:40
Award-winning Film Screening with Film Director’s short talk by Junichi Kajioka

Film: “Sugihara Survivors : Jewish and Japanese, Past and Future”(2017) Winner of Best Short Documentary in Nice International Film Festival 2018


Mr. Kamari Maeda - Caligrapher

Ms. Lisa Ueda - Violinist

Mr. Junichi Kajioka -  Film Director & Actor

Mr. Yoshinori Ishii - Chef at UMU Restaurant


University College London

Supported by:

Shimadzu Corporation

Also, this event is supported by all other sponsors and co-organizers of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2018!


Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator

email: hmiyahara@japanatuk.com

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