Committee Members

Shin-ichi Ohnuma - Chair

Chair in Experimental Ophthalmology, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL


UCL Japan Ambassador

​Deputy Director International

Director, Sensory System, Technologies, and Therapies (SensyT) PhD programme

Masazumi Tada – finance
Reader in Developmental Cellular Biology
Dept. of Cell & Developmental Biology, UCL

Yasu Takeuchi
Reader in Molecular Virology,
Division of Infection and Immunity, UCL

Hideyuki Miyahara
Japan at UK limited
Graduated from Master Course of Birkbeck, University of London (2005)

Japan atUK limited Managing Director

Manager of Football Samurai Academy

Former Players Agent licensed by The FA

The FA intermediary

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Toru Kitagawa
Lecturer, Department of Economics, UCL

Researcher, Centre for Microeconometrics Method and Practice, Institute of Fiscal Studies

Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Kyoto University

Yoshiyuki Yamamoto
Senior Lecturer, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, UCL

Hidekazu Kurebayashi
Associate Professor at Electronic & Electrical Engineering, UCL

PI at London Centre for Nanotechnology

Nozomi Sakata
PhD Student
Institute of Education, UCL


​Sanae Kitamura

Manager/ Consultant of Education and Project Team,



Yujiro Hongu
Institute of Education, UCL

Wataru Tage


Emiko Asagoshi Educational Advisor

Moe Kishima
University College London

Yuri Kashibe
University College London

Yuko Tanaka


Akira Endo
London School of Hygiene &Tropical Medicine

Masayo Hasegawa

Japan Foundation

Mao Ogawa

Assistant Director, Japan Foundation

Kaito Imai

King's College London

Yukiko Fujii

University of Cambridge

Takahiro Nukaga

IoT Engineer

Masako Shimato

University College London

Michael Salter

Japan Foundation

Koshiro Kiso

University College London

Kentaro Kimura

University of Sheffield

Satoshi Takemoto

University College London

Chief Managing Editor of Sidzu Publishing


Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator


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Masazumi Tada – finance Reader in Developmental Cellular Biology Dept. of Cell & Developmental Biolo