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The society of ageing populations presents various challenges globally and to all generations. Japan’s experience as a such society with the world’s highest life expectancy, and its great need for solutions, exemplifies the urgency of the problem. As UK organizations including the government also recognize challenges and opportunities of the ageing society (1), Japan and UK are actively cooperating and having discussions on this subject (2,3,4). As a part of such UK-Japan interaction, UCL-Japan Youth Challenge (UJYC) organizes this symposium in collaboration with Osaka University.

Experts who are tackling the ageing issue in various fields will present their work. Topics encompassing biological/medical science, engineering and social science include ageing biology, nutrition, dementia, policy design, healthcare facilities, electronic devices, energy/resource, ageing communities.



3rd August 2018
13:00 – 17:45 (symposium)
18:00 – 20:00 (reception)


University College London (UCL)
Christopher Ingold Building, XLG2 Auditorium (symposium) 
Wilkins Building, South Cloister (reception)



"What differences di relationships in youth make to your brain in older age?"
Prof. Gill Livingston
(UCL, Psychiatry of older people)

Dr. Nazif Alic
(UCL, Healthy Ageing)

"Health promotion in later life: what can we do?"
Dr. Rachael Frost
(UCL, Epidemiology & Health)

"Lighting and the visual environment for older people"
Mr. Peter Raynham
(UCL, Energy Institute)

"Designing for our older selves"
Dr. Evangelia Chrysikou
(UCL, Bartlett Real Estate Institute)

"How is ageing changing in the Western world?"
Prof. Paul Higgs
(UCL, Brain Sciences)

Prof. Manabu Ikeda
(Osaka University, Psychiatry Studies)

"Imperceptible Brain Monitoring System"
Prof. Tsuyoshi Sekitani
(Osaka University, Scientific & Industrial Research)

"MS-based Analytical Science for Advanced Healthcare"
Dr. Shinichi Iwamoto
(Shimadzu Corp)

"Achieving the Ageing and Depopulation Dividend in Japan"
Dr. Peter Matanle
(Sheffield University, East Asian Studies)


University College London

Osaka University

UCL Grand Challenge

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Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation


Japan Foundation

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Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator

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