Program 2020

Beyond COVID-19


Going Online

Doesn't Mean It's Ad Hoc

While a lot of summer school programs have been cancelled in this difficult time, UCL-Japan Youth Challenge organizing committee decided to hold the program completely online.

...but worry not! Many enthusiastic volunteers and lecturers are working hard to deliver even better experience than usual.

Lectures and workshops at one of the best universities in the world will make your staying home enjoyable!


Week 0

System Tutorial
28th July, Time TBC
A test run to see if everyone can connect to the online platforms to be used; Zoom and Slack.
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Week 1

Main Event: 17:00-19:00 (JST), 4th August
Follow-Up Session: To be decided for each group (1 hour)


  • Welcome talk and explanation of the programme by Prof. Ohnuma

  • Recap of the schedule 

  • Explanation of the UCL foundation course

  • Group work: 

    • Self-Introduction of participants and facilitators

    • Ice-breaking events

    • Deciding on the group name

    • Ground rules

    • Brainstorming the topic for the following weeks


Week 2

17:00-19:00 (JST), 11th August
Follow-Up Session: To be decided for each group (2 hours)


Lectures by:

  • Dr. Georgia Pavlopoulou, Psychology

  • Prof. Richard Milne, Virology

  • Prof. Rose Luckin, Education

  • Prof. Wendy Carlin, Economics


Week 3

UCL Grand Challenge Workshop
17:00-19:00 (JST), 18th August
Follow-Up Session: To be decided for each group (1 hours)


  • Theme: About COVID-19

  • Discussion and Interactive Session

  • Summary in Graphic Recording


Week 4

17:00-19:00 (JST), 25th August


  • Group presentation: 7-10mins per group

  • Overall feedback by Prof. Ohnuma

  • Group work: mini-reflection session and graduation ceremony

Therapy Session

Ryugaku Support Session

1. Seitaro Taketani, University of Sussex, International Development

  • Title: やればできるんや

  • Date: 5th August (Wed) 20-21 JST

  • 勉強に関してよりも、参加高校生の留学に対する心持ちや漠然とした不安を払拭します!

2. Masako Shimato, UCL, MBBS iBSc Medicine

  • Title: コロナ禍で何が出来る? 今見つめ直す留学の意義

  • Date: 6th August (Thu) 20-21 JST

  • 海外渡航が難しい状況でも出来る準備や、自身の留学経験から、オンライン化が進む中での留学の意義について考えます。


3. Kentaro Kimura, UCL, Institute of Education, MSc Psychology of Education

  • Title: CV of failures

  • Date: 7th August (Fri) 20-21 JST

  • あなたは今まで、どんな失敗をしてきましたか? 誰も話したがらない、けれど最も大事な話。僕の「失敗の履歴書」を紹介します。


4. Nozomi Sakata: Hiroshima University, Education and International Development

  • Title: Which suit your interest and future plan? Comparing UK and US universities

  • Date: 8th August (Sat) 20-21 JST

  • 自らの留学経験をもとに、イギリスとアメリカの大学を比較します。また具体的な留学方法の違いにも触れます。


5. Moe Kishima, UCL, MBBS iBSc Medicine

  • Title: 皆さんに今、考えてみて欲しいこと

  • Date: 9th August (Sun) 20-21 JST

  • 私の留学経験、自分の変化、今高校生が将来を考えるうえでできる事、基軸にしていける事について質問を投げかけます。

Also, "Ryugaku Support Wiki" is open throughout the program. Experienced teachers, students and coordinators are ready to respond to your questions about studying in the UK.


Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator


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