UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023

The UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 is going to be held on campus in the UK between 22nd July and 30th July 2023.

Any further updates on the 2023 programme will appear on this page.

The UCL-Japan Youth Challenge is a prestigious annual summer school programme which has a tremendous reputation and impact since 2015. Pre-university students from Japan and the UK attend a series of university-style lectures on a wide range of subjects by academics from leading UK universities including UCL (University College London), and engage in UCL Grand Challenge Workshop. Participants also experience British university student life through staying in halls of residence at the University of Cambridge and UCL.


In the ninth year 2023, we are pleased to announce that our programme is going to be held on campus in the UK.


This programme was established in 2015 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Choshu Five and the Satsuma 19 students’ arrival at UCL. The Choshu Five were the first Japanese students who studied at a UK university, and upon return they played leading roles in modernising Japan. Since then, UCL and Japan have been enjoying close ties.


In order to deepen participants’ understanding of this year’s programme content, homework will be provided prior to the programme.

UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 & the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The UCL-Japan Youth Challenge may count for your Gold Duke of Ediburgh’s Award (DofE) through the Residential section.

Your participation in the UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 on its own does not grant a DofE Award.

This summer school programme is organised by the UCL-Japan Youth Challenge Committee.

Japan Foundation
Rikkyo School in England
UK Japan Institute

In collaboration with Shimizu Corporation and UCL Grand Challenges

Shimizu Corporation
UCL Grand Challenges
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