Youth Challenge 2018

July-August 2018
London & Cambridge GB

About Our Program

10 days of your challenge

Around 150 years ago, two groups of Japanese students came to University College London (UCL) from Choshu and Satsuma. They are known as Choshu-Five and Satsuma-19, which includes Hirobumi Ito (First Prime Minister of Japan), Kaoru Inoue (First Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan), Akinori Mori (First Minister of Education of Japan), Tomoatsu Godai (Founder of Osaka Chamber of Commerce). After returning Japan, they had significant contribution to establish current modern Japan.

UCL cerebrates this history in association with many Japanese partners including universities, high schools, and industries. As a part of the celebration, UCL created a spacial summer school, “UCL-Japan Young Challenge” in 2015. UCL warmly invites Japanese and UK high school students and teachers to this summer school. In this school, the students and teachers participate into various educational activities/events. These include lectures by  professors of UCL and Cambridge, symposium, language lesson. In particular, we organise “UCL-Japan Grand Challenge Workshop” ‘In the footsteps of the pioneers: new pioneers in dialogue’ which offers great opportunities for Japanese and UK high school students discuss together about 6 types of global problems(UCL Grand Challenge) with guidance of UCL professors. We firmly believe that the participants will have excellent international experience in top world universities of UCL and University of Cambridge.

This event is supported by UK Japan Institute, Rikkyo School in England,   University of Cambridge, The UCL Academy, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Japan Foundation, JSPS, IHI, Embassy of Japan and many other organizations and induviduals.

Purposes of This Program

  • Be interested in global and social issues

  • Experience lectures at one of the best universities in the world

  • Think about the future career to study at the top universities

  • Use English as communication tool

  • Learn Japanese (for UK students)

  • International exchange with students in the UK and Japan

  • Autonomy, entreprise, and challenging mind


Public Events



​Thank you!

Ceremony for the 150 Years Anniversary of Meiji Restoration

Performance by Japanese Artists in London

Symposium: Problems in Ageing Society


Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe

Lisa Ueda 


Lesley Downer 

Author & Journalist

Kamari Maeda


Tsuyoshi Sekitani

Professor at 

Osaka University

​Scientific & Industrial Research

Gill Livingston

Professor at UCL

​Dpt. Brain Science

Manabu Ikeda 

Professor at 

Osaka University

​Psychiatry Studies

Hugh Starkey

Professor at UCL, IOE

Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment

Evangelica Chrysikou

Lecturer at Bartlett Real Estate Institute, UCL

Amanda Stott

​Facilitator of the Workshops

Hideyuki Miyahara 

Managing Director  Japan@UK

​Samurai Football Academy

​Shinichi Ohnuma

Professor at UCL


Jonathan Cribb

​Senior Economist at IFS

Kiyoshi Nagai

​Researcher at

MRC Laboratory

Yoshinori Ishii

Chef at UMU

Hiroshi Itakura

Embassy of Japan

Edward Wild 

Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Kristin Williams

Head of Japanese Section  at Cambridge University Library

Fumiya Iida

Lecturer at

​University of Cambridge

​Dpt. Engineering

Casper Wits

​Research Assistant Fellow at University of Cambridge​ Modern East Asian History

Rose Luckin

Professor at UCL, IOE

Susan Evans

Professor at UCL,

Department of Vertebrate Morphology & Paleontology

Mark Ainslie

​Fellow at

University of Cambridge


Hidekazu Kurebayashi

Senior Lecturer at ​London Centre for Nanotechnology

Junichi Kajioka

Film Director & Actor

Chika Itoi

JSPS London

Paul Higgs

Professor at UCL


Nazif Alic

Institute of Healthy Aging

​at UCL

Shinichi Iwamoto


Nina Griffiths

Illustrator of the workshop

Riko Sherratt

Japanese Language Teacher

Rachael Frost

Institute of Epidemiology and Health

Ruchi Choudhary

Lecturer at UCL

Dpt. Engineering

Aldous Yoko

Tutor at UCL

​Japanese Language


UCL Grand Challenge

UCL Grand Challenge is the mechanism through which expertise from across UCL and beyond can be brought together to address the world’s key problems. They support researchers to think about how their work relates to global issues.



​We are delighted to announce that the application for UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2018 is now available for British students.

Approximately, 50 Japanese students from 17 high schools in Japan and 10 UCL academy students will be taking part, and UCL is currently seeking an additional 30 sixth-form students from the UK. 

The summer school's schedule will include many academic activities, including lectures by UCL and the University of Cambridge, cultural events and Japanese language classes, but one of the main events is the UCL Grand Challenge workshop, which is linked to UCL’s commitment to tackling the world’s key issues. UCL-Japan Youth Challenge selects a topic every year for this; this year it is 'Our life in ageing society - how young generation contributes to various problems associated with ageing'. During the workshop, mixed groups of students will discuss the topic from medical, social and technical points of view and work together to present their findings. Symposiums will be held related to this topic and students will be joined by several experts and high profile speakers/academics to discuss the topic further. 

Key information 

The programme runs for a total of 8 days. 

Duration (July 28 - Aug 4, 2018) 
28 July: Rikkyo School in England (Horsham, West Sussex, England) 
29 - 30 July: University of Cambridge 
31 July - 04 August: UCL Main Campus 
Note: Students who register are expected to join at least the Rikkyo and UCL program. 

All food and drink will be provided by UCL-Japan Youth Challenge during the school days. 
The cost and the arrangements regarding accommodation (if needed) and travel are to be covered by each participant. 


If you do need accommodation, please specify for which part you need it. Depending on that, please choose from Type 1-3. If you sign up for accommodation, dinner and breakfast will also be provided for those dates. 
Also please find in the application form information on the location of the specific dates of the program. 

<Types, in accordance with accommodation> 
Type-1 (£900): Include all accommodation with dinner, breakfast, travel. Lunch and refreshment 
Type-2 (£600): Accommodation at Rikkyo and Cambridge with dinner, breakfast, travel. Lunch and refreshment 
Type-3 (£400): Accommodation at London with dinner, breakfast. Lunch and refreshment 

​Type-4 (Free): No accommodation and transport included. Refreshment and lunch are included.

Non-Japanese sixth-form students residing in the UK, aged 15, 16, 17 and 18 years 
(Parental consent will be required prior to the event. All students are supervised by UCL staff during the event.) 
Students will be joined by a group of Japanese students from Japan. 

Deadline for registration 
There is no specific deadline for this event and registration will close as soon as it reaches maximum capacity. For those of you interested, it is strongly advised that you resister your interest as soon as possible. 

The filled in applications will be sent to UCL, and as soon as your seat is secured, we will let you know. 


If you have any questions, please contact through the e-mail address below.

Hideyuki Miyahara, Conductor of this program


Application Form

​Parental Consent Form

Official Leaflet


Past Programs


About UCL

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By Thomas Hosmer Shepherd (1792–1864) 

UCL is the third oldest university in the UK, founded by the philosopher Jeremy Bentham. It is the world’s first university to be entirely secular, to admit students regardless of their religion, and to admit women on equal terms with men. In the 2017/18 QS World University Rankings, UCL is ranked joint 7th in the world. UCL is also ranked 1st of British Universities according to theGovernment. There are 29 Nobel Prize winners including William Bragg and Francis Crick. The most recent winner was Prof. John O’Keefe who received Physiology or Medicine 2014 based on his discovery of place cells in a brain. Alexander Graham Bell, and Charles Darwin and Mahatma Gandhi were also the members of UCL. UCL has a historically important relation with Japan. Choshu five and Satsuma 19 studied at UCL around 150 years ago and the members of those two groups contributed to establish modern Japan. UCL is celebrating this history  of 150 years relationship with Japan.



Prof. Shinichi Ohnuma

​UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Volunteer Leader

Nozomi Sakata


Conductor from Japan@UK

​Hideyuki Miyahara


Get Involved


Every year, this summer program is made possible by the support of companies and communities that provide valuable products and services.

While we already have enough support to hold the academic events thanks to many lecturers, who have kindly offered to volunteer for us, we are still seeking for donations (monetary or in the form of commodity) to accomplish the other activities.

If you wish to learn more about sponsoring our events, we would be more than happy to provide you with more information.

Thank you for your consideration. With your generous donations and help, we are one step closer to hosting another successful program that provides enriching and unforgettable experience for the participants.


Our summer school have involved several collaboration activities. The collaborating entities include local governments in Japan, artists, research institutes and so on. In recent years, we had students exchange with Kagoshima Prefecture and Yamaguchi Prefecture, support for the symposium related to natural disasters from Fukushima Prefecture, entrepreneurship session with Osaka City. Also many other activities such as  events with musicians, artists and cultural performers and academic collaboration with Universities in Japan were taken into the programme. We are happy to consider new events every year so do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.



Hideyuki Miyahara, General Coordinator

email: hmiyahara@japanatuk.com

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